DC occupiers granted four-month protest permit

C.J. Ciaramella Contributor
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Assuming inclement weather, apathy or infighting doesn’t disperse them first, the group of anti-war protesters occupying a public plaza in Washington, D.C. will remain there for at least four more months after the National Park Service offered the activists an extended permit Monday.

The National Park Service granted the four-month demonstration permit to the protesters after meeting with liaisons from the group. The protesters — a collection of anti-war activists and members of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement — have been camping in Liberty Plaza near the White House for four days in tents and makeshift hovels. (RELATED: ‘Occupy DC’ to join with AFL-CIO for Capitol protest on Tuesday)

The protesters’ original demonstration permit expired Monday, and many in the group were bracing for arrest until the deal was reached.

The group agreed to accept the permit at a general meeting Monday night. The decision was greeted by clapping, cheering and “spirit-fingers” — the protesters’ preferred form of assent.

After consensus was reached on the demonstration permit, the assembly moved to other pressing matters, such as problems with theft and need for a potable water supply.

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