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Man completes 11-year walk around the world, sits down, immediately remembers where he put his car keys

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The Herald Sun reports:

A 56-YEAR-OLD Canadian man who left home after his business went bankrupt has completed an 11-year walk around the world, and told a crowd of well-wishers his new goal was to promote peace.

Jean Beliveau – who arrived on Sunday to a hero’s welcome in Montreal from loved ones, MPs and supporters – said his “real mission” was to lobby Canada and other governments to create “ministries of peace”.

“We are all different, and that is what is beautiful about life on Earth – our different colours, different beliefs, different political systems,” he said…

Mr Beliveau left Montreal on the day of his 45th birthday – August 18, 2000 – after his small sign business went bankrupt. He decided to run around the world to try to escape the pain.

The Canadian ran all the way to Atlanta, Georgia before slowing his stride for what would become the longest uninterrupted walk around the world: 75,000km across 64 countries.

Here he is. Seems like a nice guy. Just keep your distance when he takes off his shoes…

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