OWS Exposed claims website targeted by hackers

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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OWS Exposed, a news website dedicated to the aggregation of conservative news stories about the Occupy Wall Street movement, has been cyber attacked once again, site owner Jeff Davis told TheDC.

Two weeks ago, a hacker exploited a weakness in Davis’s site and inserted malicious code to crash it. This time, Davis was not sure about the type of attack.

“We were getting 404 errors,” Davis told TheDC in an email. “Almost looked like there was a problem with the name server, but not sure.”

The “404,” or “Not Found,” error is a web code that often displays when a page has been moved or deleted. “404” means that a user’s computer was able to find the site’s server, but was not able to retrieve the requested page.

It is different from a “Site Not Found” error in that the web page is still recoverable. The “Site Note Found” error message indicates that a connection to a page’s server could not be made at all.

Davis told TheDC that the site went down Thursday evening, but he was able to get it fully operational again by Friday morning.

Davis previously told TheDC that he believes the attacks on his site are politically motivated.

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