Facebook security flaw allowed access to Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos

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Facebook just patched a security flaw that gave you the ability to view private photos of anyone with a Facebook profile — including CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

They didn’t patch it before someone snooped around Zuckerberg’s profile and published a (rather boring) album of his photos on image hosting site imgur.

(Some of the photos are already publicly available.)

The flaw originally appeared on a body-building forum, of all places. Here’s how the glitch works:

  • Pick someone whose photos you want to view
  • Report the person’s profile photo as inappropriate
  • Give nudity or pornography as the reason for it being inappropriate
  • Check “Help us take action by selecting additional photos to include with your report”
  • Right click any other image from the person’s profile and open it in a new tab to view the full image

It looks like Facebook has removed the option of looking at other photos to include in the report.

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