Bill Keller’s Convenient Omission

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Bill Keller praises Newt Gingrich’s immigration stand but conveniently omits Gingrich’s support for the Krieble “red card” planessentially unlimited new immigration leading to dead-end second class citizenship. Worst of both worlds: it would further destroy wages of unskilled Americans while building a two-tier society–something that would undoubtedly, and rightly, offend Keller.  It’s not a minor omission! Especially since Keller’s thesis is that Newt, alone among the GOPs, has this immigration thing all figured out.

P.S.: Keller also (sneeringly**) repeats the mindless CW that because “tougher enforcement” and a sour economy have produced falling illegal immigration it’s time to move on from tougher enforcement to amnesty–even in the face of a rebounding economy. Reminds me of the old–and no longer heard–neocon argument that since liberal entitlement programs had more or less cured poverty we could now drop them. The cure is working! Let’s abandon it! …


**–“I hate to distract you with actual facts ….”

Mickey Kaus