TheDC Morning: Move over Marco

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Move over Marco — Republican Senate phenom Marco Rubio has barely had the time to prove himself worthy of the hype, but the Washington establishment (whatever that is) may be already moving on to the next best (Hispanic) thing. Her name is Susana Martinez and the recently elected New Mexico governor just might be vice president of these United States come 2013. TheDC’s Will Rahn reports on her attractiveness: “In addition to her popularity, Martinez is also the first Hispanic woman of either party to be elected governor of a state. Come next November, the Latino vote will be heavily contested as the White House seeks to win over enough Hispanics to compensate for President Obama’s low approval ratings among white voters and as the GOP looks to make inroads with America’s fastest growing minority group.”

2.) Et Tu Herman!? — Former conductor of the Herman Cain Train, Herman Cain, delivered a stinging blow to The Daily Caller in an extensive interview with TheDC’s Alex Pappas. Pappas reports: “Cain also made it clear he doesn’t plan to cooperate with reporters at, the website that first reported accusations against Cain during the campaign. He said he almost didn’t agree to cooperate with TheDC for this story because he initially believed this reporter wrote for Politico.” He. Thought. WHAT! Confusing The Daily Caller with Politico is like confusing Mozart with Rebecca Black. Or Charles Krauthammer with Megan McCain. Or John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy.

3.) He’s just Ronnie from the block — In the latest “you’ve got to be kidding” news, apparently Texas Rep. Ron Paul fairs the best of all GOP contenders among non-white voters. TheDC’s Steven Nelson reports: “Paul campaign press secretary Gary Howard, who is himself an African American, told The Daily Caller that his candidate’s opposition to the War on Drugs has helped him win support from minorities. ‘The figures in this poll show that voters are looking at Congressman Paul’s decades-long history of fighting for the individual liberties of all Americans,’ said Howard. ‘He has the strongest record of any candidate in this presidential race of standing up for civil liberties, and is also a staunch advocate of ending the drug war and fixing our biased court system which unfairly punishes minorities,’ he said.” Just a hunch, but these folks were probably not regular readers of the “Ron Paul Survival Report.”

4.) Unisex bathrooms, yes. Ron Paul posters, no. — Auburn University is apparently fighting the good fight against political discourse and free expression on campus — can you imagine if we allowed debate in academia? Actually, the university may be merely fighting the fight against expressing support for Ron Paul. TheDC’s Steven Nelson reports: “Eric Phillips, the Auburn University undergraduate who was forced by the school to remove a campaign sign for Texas Congressman Ron Paul from his dorm room window, says that when it comes to political expression, a double standard exists at his school. ‘I just wish I’d been able to express myself,’ Phillips, the president of Auburn for Ron Paul 2012, told The Daily Caller. ‘I’d just like to advertise for my organization just like all the other organizations can.’”

5.) Barney Frank’s a supermodel — It’s been a year of fashion highlights and lowlights in the political world. TheDC’s Taylor Bigler covers all the bases, from Rep. Charlie Rangel’s dapper duds to Barney Frank’s sexy ensemble highlighting his ample bosom. Take a look and be scarred for life.

6.) BIRTHDAYS! — Zenoba Queen of Palmyra turns 1,766; Mormon leader and Golden Plate translator Joseph Smith turns 206; Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol turns 59; and French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s fading beauty Carla Bruni turns 44.

Happy Festivus everyone. Do your part to fight back against the War on Festivus by learning its historic origins. [VIDEO]