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Crisis averted: Olby will indeed anchor campaign coverage you won’t be watching

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Hollywood Reporter:

After a rocky week of public sniping between Keith Olbermann and the management of Current, Olbermann will anchor on election nights beginning after the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

“I am pleased that I’ll be running the election coverage on Current, following this Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary,” said Olbermann in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday. “However, I don’t think those participating in the New Hampshire primary will share my satisfaction.”

See, because they’re all scared of him and stuff.

The accompanying picture demonstrates why Keith usually prefers to be shot from the shoulders up:

Get it? He really likes baseball, and also he’s constantly smashing you in the face with his patriotism. Which doesn’t leave him time for pretty much any other form of exercise.

Meanwhile: What Does Keith Olbermann Have Against Bald People?

P.S. David Carr has some helpful advice for Keith: “You generally don’t get to rail against the Man if the Man is you.”

P.P.S. In other Gore-related news, I can’t top Tim Blair’s headline: World of Warmcraft.