Taking Romney out of context (just like he did to Obama)

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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They’re taking Mitt Romney out of context. And they’re doing it with glee.

This headline says it all: “Romney Likes ‘Being Able to Fire People’.”

(Romney, of course, wasn’t talking about firing employees — as the headline implies — but rather, allowing citizens to fire their insurance companies if they don’t provide a good service.)

That hasn’t stopped the media — and the other Republican campaigns — from piling on.

For example, Jon Huntsman’s top strategist John Weaver — who has been pretty silent of late — sent out a release comparing Romney to “gaffe prone” John Kerry, adding: “‘I like being able to fire people’ doesn’t exactly scream electability.”

This is an unusual turn of events. Romney has so many legitimate problems that it is interesting he is finally being beaten up for something he’s not guilty of.

Still, this seems to be catching on to the degree that one wonders if this “gaffe” might end up being a real campaign moment?

It is also ironic; this is almost exactly what Mitt Romney did to Barack Obama in a misleading ad.

(I guess “what’s sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander”?)

Matt K. Lewis