Left-wing activists cited as ‘independent watchdogs’ in new Obama ad [VIDEO]

Christopher Bedford Senior Editor, The Daily Caller
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Common Cause, an anti-conservative advocacy group whose homepage banner sports an OccupyDC photo reading “REPRESENTATION THRU OCCUPATION,” is cited in Obama’s new campaign commercial, “The Facts About President Obama’s Energy Record,” as the president’s alternative to the pro-free market Koch brothers. (RELATED: Obama re-election ad targets Koch brothers, touts ‘green tech’ jobs)

The video warns that, “Secretive oil billionaires [are] attacking President Obama with ads fact-checkers say are not tethered to the facts.” The commercial’s dark tone remains for only a few seconds before the viewer is treated to a photo of the commander in chief and soothing music accompanies the following message: “Independent watchdogs call this president’s record on ethics ‘unprecedented.'” (RELATED: New documents tie Fast and Furious to gun-control agenda)

The “independent watchdog” cited is Common Cause. Common Cause made headlines last winter for a racist rally they held in front of a Koch conference. (RELATED: Idiotic, racist Common Cause protesters: CCbaggers?)


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