Oliver Stone would vote for Ron Paul over Obama

Alexa Fee Contributor
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In an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine, director Oliver Stone said that he would support Ron Paul over Obama in the upcoming presidential elections.

In his newest book, “On History,” Stone discussed America’s current economy, saying that there is “a potential wild card in an internal economic collapse of the empire.”

Stone called America an “empire,” saying that its current spending spree is responsible for the empire’s inevitable collapse. The only person that could potentially prevent this collapse, he said in the interview, is Ron Paul.

“In fact, I think in many ways the most interesting candidate – I’d even vote for him if he was running against Obama – is Ron Paul,” he said.

“He’s the only one of anybody who’s saying anything intelligent about the future of the world.”

Stone went on to criticize Obama’s comments when welcoming home the troops from Iraq. Obama had said that the U.S. had achieved “stability, freedom, and democracy” in Iraq.

“It was the same language that Bush used,” Stone said, “and Obama was the guy who called Iraq a ‘dumb war.’”

Ron Paul is the only candidate, Stone said, who does not “pay obeisance to this hypocrisy that the U.S. is a good force in the world,” a fantasy that the U.S. cannot afford.

Stone is also known for directing Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, W., JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July.

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