Shocking new extreme sport: ‘Ultimate Taser Ball’

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Eight players, two nets, one ball — and eight electric tasers. This, plus a stadium, is all you need to play Ultimate Taser Ball, the sport that first began to electrify Canada last month.

The aim of the game is to run with an oversized ball to your opponents’ net and score, reports Toronto’s National Post. Along the way, players on the opposing team try to jolt the ball-carrier with a 300,000 volt stun gun.

“It’s not technically a police grade Taser,” said Eric Prum, 25, one of the founders of Ultimate Taser Ball. “That being said, the first thing the [players] will tell you is that they hate getting tased. Those things really do hurt.”

The sport is technically illegal in Canada, where electroshock guns are considered dangerous weapons. So although the extreme sport was created north of the border, the first games were played in California stadiums without a live audience.

Players maintain that the sport poses no threat of death or serious harm because the stun-guns deliver significantly less electric current than the 1 amp needed to kill.

The players view themselves as athletes out to entertain, not merely to injure one another.

An exhibition game is planned for Bangkok, Thailand. Organizers are looking to bring the spectacle to Mexico City later in the year.

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