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Not All Occupiers get arrested in Zuccotti Park, threaten to kill cops

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Good morning! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Yeah, me neither. St. Patrick’s Day is pretty lame, unless you like the smell of amateur vomit. You know what was fun, though? Watching a bunch of dumb hippies get arrested in Zuccotti Park.

(WARNING: Naughty language and other such acting out)


73 Occupiers were arrested Saturday night while trying to “reoccupy” something that never belonged to them in the first place. It should’ve been at least twice that many.

You can’t camp there, children. You were told. Deliberately provoking the cops and then screaming “POLICE BRUTALITY!” isn’t working anymore. And it hasn’t been working that well ever since the novelty wore off your stupid little movement and people started noticing the rapes and riots and whatnot. The whole world is indeed watching, and they all think you’re a bunch of dimwitted crybabies who need two things: 1) Regular application of running water and some form of surfactant, and 2) One of those jobs you somehow imagine are beneath you.

Although even the Occupiers who bathe and work regularly aren’t immune to imbecility, as David Martosko reports:

On Sunday, New York City police were investigating an online threat from a 23-year-old “Occupy”-linked protester who sent a short message advocated cop-killing. The sender, Rusty Braxton of Oviedo, Fla., was later identified from a screen capture of his Facebook page, which also included a photograph of his two firearms.

“We won’t make a difference if we don’t kill a cop or 2,” the message read.

In an interview conducted late Sunday night via Twitter, Braxton confirmed that he sent the message but insisted that his words were taken out of context and that he is not in favor of murdering police officers.

“We were talking about revolutions in other country’s [sic],” he tweeted at TheDC. “Never would I advocate cop killing regardless how brutal they were being.”

“I didn’t say what I just said. I was taken out of context, the context being that I am not responsible for my own words and actions.” This leader of tomorrow pretty much encapsulates the Occupy mindset. It’s fun pretending to be a rebel until you have to face up to the consequences.

Remember, America: It’s the Tea Party you need to worry about. They’re the real danger.

P.S. Courtesy of DowntownNYC, where’s what Zuccotti Park looks like this morning:

Ahhhhhh, much better. It’s amazing how much bigger that place looks when it’s not all cluttered with Michael Moore.

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