Viva Breitbart!

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Dave Weigel notices something afoot at Supreme Court protest events: The Breitbart Meme.

Right after his death, I wondered if Breitbart might become a sort of iconic conservative “rock star.”

It appears he might.

Of course, liberals have traditionally been better at creating or coopting art (or, depending on your perspective, propaganda) to sell their heroes. Che Guevara might have been a murderous sociopath, but he made for one hell of an icon.

Conservatives have, to a certain extent, utilized Reagan’s image. The cowboy imagery has worked well, but the “Che” t-shirts were really more of a parody than anything else.

In Breitbart — with his ruggedness and his revolutionary ethos — conservatives might have finally found an iconic image worthy of his own Viva La Revolucion! t-shirt.