‘Punk’d’ is back: Five ways to avoid the pranks

Alex Myers Contributor
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Remember that MTV show where celebrities had to endure crazy things only to be embarrassed on camera and then have to admit to their gullibility? It was called ‘Punk’d,’ and it’s back for some reason.

Leading off Thursday night’s ‘Punk’d’ was none other than teen heartthrob and Canadian menace Justin Bieber. He got Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Sean Kingston pretty good, but when he attempted to get Rob Dyrdek, he failed miserably.

Dyrdek, a professional skateboarder, saw a couple fighting loudly in a restaurant and was instantly aware of the prank, even going so far to question whether he was on Punk’d.

So, how did he know? Here are a few things for you to look out for so you’ll know if you’re getting Punk’d.

Number one: If Justin Bieber calls you up and asks you to go to his mysterious recording studio on a beach you’ve never seen with the ocean right behind it where people are getting married, don’t go. He’ll probably ask you to shoot off some fireworks from Japan, which could be messy.

Number two: If you see two people fighting loudly in public, one gets up and storms off and the other rams their car into the building, you’re probably getting Punk’d. Or you’re on ‘Jersey Shore.’

Number three: If you wake up in the morning and gas prices are below $3.00, you definitely know you’re on Punk’d.

Number four: If Angelina Jolie’s left leg sticks out of her dress, sorry to tell you, but you’re being Punk’d.

Number five: Finally, you know you’re getting Punk’d if Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs in a movie about his life. Oh wait … nevermind.

If you fail to recognize a punk when you see one, all we have to say is: You’ve been warned.

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