Limbaugh mocks Obama dog meat revelation with Jeremiah Wright impersonation [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday program, radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his reaction to President Barack Obama’s admission in his 2005 book that he ate dog meat while in Indonesia.

Although Limbaugh said he felt uncomfortable discussing the topic, he told listeners he was compelled to because of the Obama campaign’s use of the dog issue to raise campaign funds.

“As I say, this makes me extremely uncomfortable,” Limbaugh said. “But I mean it’s got to be discussed because Obama’s trying to make hay out of the Romney’s putting their beloved dog on the roof of the car in a kennel. And now Obama in his own autobiography writes of having eaten dog. And I doubt folks very much — are we going to hear Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright soon?”

Limbaugh gave viewers his impersonation of what Wright’s reaction might sound like.

“Mitt Romney ain’t never had to eat no dog meat,” Limbaugh said impersonating Wright’s voice. “And Barack has. Barack knows poverty. Mitt Romney never had to eat no dog meat.”

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