Restaurants are using data to improve server sales stats

Josh Peterson Contributor
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NEW YORK — Timothy used to be struggling at work. He’s a waiter at the Landmarc restaurant at the Time Warner Center, a classy-but-accessible eatery that serves bistro fare to Manhattan shoppers. By some measures Timothy has always been a great worker — he clocks in on time and never forgets an order. But his sales of beverages and side dishes were falling short last year.

In one month, Timothy (not his real name) served 426 customers, pulling in $17,991.50 in gross sales with a per-check average of $42.23. That’s $3.84 below the overall per-check average at the Landmarc. It turns out that while Timothy was beating the rest of the waitstaff in add-on sales like bacon or cheese on a burger, he was lagging 2 percent behind everybody else in red wine and liquor sales, and a whopping 14 percent behind his peers in sides like French fries and creamed spinach.

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