Veterans group to Obama: ‘Heroes Don’t Spike the Football’ [VIDEO]

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A veterans’ political group wants President Obama to know that “Heroes Don’t Spike the Football.”

Joel Arends, chairman of Veterans for a Strong America, explained to The Daily Caller that their new Obama-hammering ad is a direct response to the President’s politicization of the Navy SEAL’s killing of Osama Bin Laden.


“The reason Vets for America needed to run the ad is because we are throwing the penalty flag up on President Obama for excessive celebration. This is a guy who said he wouldn’t spike the football but you know what, he did. He spiked it, he signed it, he threw it into the stands,” Arends said.

The 1:30 min ad, highlighted by TheDC’s Jim Treacher, proclaims “Heroes Don’t Seek Credit” in bold letters, and proceeds to footage of Obama repeatedly using the word “I” in reference to the killing of bin Laden.

“Heroes Don’t Spike The Football,” another screen caption reads before footage is shown of military training exercises. It is followed by video of Obama saying “we don’t need to spike the football,” and then video of Obama taking credit for giving the command to get Bin Laden.

“Heroes Put Their Lives On The Line,” reads another caption as former President Bill Clinton explains how badly it would have been for Obama politically if the mission had failed.

“And Heroes Don’t Politicize Their Acts of Valor” adds another before footage of Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington calling the killing of Bin Laden as a campaign ad “despicable.”

“Their Training. Their sacrifice. That Is What Makes Victory Possible,” the add concludes, comparing “Heroism” to “Politics” — and urging the viewer to “Tell President Obama: Our service members sacrifice to protect our country. Not to benefit his political campaign.”

Arends explained that over the last few days the group has had extensive conversations with former Navy SEALs and former Special Operators. According to Arends, there is a lot of discontent in that community over Obama’s behavior.

“President Obama in 2008 campaigned on being a different kind of president and instead he has fallen into the same old political trap and he has become the politician he said he wouldn’t become and he uses — of all things — he uses a moment that really brought America together, bringing down Osama Bin Laden. And for him to use it in such a divisive manner really is what has people upset out there,” he added.

The group is nonpartisan but “unapologetically conservative.” They say their goal is to keep the political interests of veterans at the forefront.

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