Wisconsin union wages battle on behalf of convicted teacher

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A Wisconsin teacher’s union is suing a school district on behalf of a former teacher currently serving a 1o-year prison sentence, according to

Kurt Kostelecky, a former shop class teacher, was found guilty of having sexual relations with a freshman student during the 2008-2009 school year. Now, the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), which Kostelecky was a member of, is suing the Wausaukee school district over allegations that his work load was reduced after Kostelecky “challenged district policies” in 2009.

The lawsuit has already cost taxpayers more than $64,000.

The site reports that Kostelecky had his teaching load reduced from five-eighths of a full-time position to three-eighths. The district claimed the reduction was in an effort to save money. WEAC argued that the district was working to get rid of the teacher.

WEAC’s lawsuit on behalf of the convicted child molester has lasted three years.

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