Jack’s beanstalk, Al Gore’s claim that he invented the Internet, and Tina Dupuy’s gun control article

AWR Hawkins, Ph.D. Conservative Writer
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So as not to leave Harvard’s Jill Lepore precariously perched out on a limb waving her “guns kill” flag all alone, Tina Dupuy, the managing editor of the website Crooks and Liars, has crawled out on the limb as well. And she’s done so with an embarrassingly incoherent article in which she tries to convince gun owners that they support gun control, whether they want to admit it or not. Seriously.

Titled, “Trust me: You believe in gun control,” Dupuy’s article is a perfect example of what happens when liberals criticize things they don’t understand. It also exemplifies liberals’ habit of seizing onto random historical references to back up their points, only to learn later that those particular references actually undermine their points.

Dupuy begins her piece by mocking “typical hyper-political gun owners” and dismissing their conviction that it’s important to own a gun and to uphold the Constitution. Then, she tries to discredit the NRA for allegedly not protecting gun rights as ardently in the 1800s as it did in the 1970s. It must have never crossed Dupuy’s mind that the NRA wasn’t up against legislation like the Gun Control Act of 1968 in the 1800s.

Then Dupuy mentions that the KKK was formed to support gun control. I’m not sure what her point is, but it’s notable that she leaves out the fact that the KKK was a Democratic organization that was created to scare black Republicans away from the voting booth.

Finally, in one of Dupuy’s more delirious points, she argues that limits on the proliferation of “nuclear weapons” and “weapons-grade plutonium” justify limiting Glock handguns with extended magazines. Perhaps in her next article she’ll explain how a Glock handgun with an extended magazine could have done the same thing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki that was accomplished by Fat Boy and Little Man in 1945.

Anyway, as you’ve probably figured out by now, I titled this piece, “Jack’s beanstalk, Al Gore’s claim that he invented the Internet, and Tina Dupuy’s gun control article” because all three are fairy tales with no basis in reality.

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