Study: Romney Twitter followers more likely to be American than Obama’s

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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A recent study by social media analytics firm PeekAnalytics revealed that while 90 percent of Mitt Romney’s Twitter followers hail from the United States, only 52 percent of President Barack Obama’s followers can say the same.

Obama, however, has 15,802,913 Twitter accounts following him, compared to the Republican presidential nominee’s half a million followers.

PeekAnalytics also estimated that Obama carries significantly more influence among his Twitter following than Romney, though both men were noticeably more influential than the average Twitter user. Obama was 5,451 times more influential than the average consumer, while Romney was 466 times more influential than the average user.

“It is worth noting that while Obama has 30x the followers, he has only 12x more pull than Romney,” the study said.

For the rest of the study, see below.

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Romney v Obama infographic

Romney v Obama infographic