Roger Stone on fashion, Nixon, Spitzer, and Gary Johnson

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Veteran Republican strategist (and Daily Caller Fashion Correspondent) Roger Stone was in my office yesterday, talking fashion — and why we should support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president.

Much ground was covered. We talked about his role in Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace (“There’s an allegation that I may have left a threatening voice mail for his father,” he said). On a lighter note, he also stressed that one should never have a navy blue suit dry cleaned. The fabric, weakened from the dying process, is damaged when dry cleaned. (Instead, clean with a whisk broom and some cool water).

And of course, we discussed Richard Nixon (Stone believes having the 1960 election stolen from him made him paranoid). Stone also shared with us that he has a new book coming out that, “makes the compelling case that Lyndon Johnson had John F. Kennedy murdered.”

So what accounts for his affinity for Gary Johnson? Stone — who backed Jack Kemp in the 1988 primary — believes Reagan took the GOP from Wall Street to main street — but that the Bushes gave it back to Wall Street.

Only Gary Johnson, Stone argues, will actually cut spending, end the war on drugs, and get us out of Afghanistan.

(Listen to our full conversation here. Or download the podcast on iTunes.)

Matt K. Lewis