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Aaron Sorkin has no political agenda, says Aaron Sorkin

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After Studio 60, a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that Aaron Sorkin isn’t funny.

So much for that idea! The NYT interviewed Sorkin about his latest boutique television program, The Newsroom, and he came up with this hilarious knee-slapper:

Q: What drew you back to another television show about the inner workings of television?

A: I love telling stories about workplace families. There’s a constant theme of, it’s O.K. to be alone in a big city if you can find family at work. You had always that moment in “M*A*S*H” when Radar would say, “Choppers,” and no matter what was going on, they became a team. I tend to write romantically and idealistically, and I look for opportunities to do that, that on the face of it seem counterintuitive. For instance, when I did “The West Wing,” by and large in pop culture, our leaders in government are usually portrayed either as Machiavellian or dolts. I have no political background, and I have no political agenda. All of my experience has been in theater and writing… I do think that there are going to be people who say that I’m just putting my own politics on display. Which again I’m not. I don’t really have my own politics. I’m very easily convinced of other people’s position.

Did you catch that? Not only does Aaron Sorkin have no political agenda, but the reason he has no political agenda is that he works in the arts.

Hey, don’t take his word for it. See for yourself. Here’s the trailer for The Newsroom:

Did you notice the complete absence of a political agenda? No? Well then, you must have a political agenda. Because Sorkin is perfectly neutral.

Still not convinced, wingnut? Then consider this: Since 2007, Sorkin has given out almost $150,000 in political donations. Recipients have included Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Our Common Values PAC. All of it went toward Democrats, actually.

But see, that just proves Sorkin’s point. If he had a political agenda, wouldn’t he give some money to the Republicans?


(Hat tip: Power Line)

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