What do Britney Spears and Mitt Romney have in common?

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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What could pop princess-turned-mental case-cum-“X-Factor” judge Britney Spears and buttoned-up, Mormon GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney possibly have in common? (Besides the times they assaulted paparazzi with umbrellas?)*

It turns out that having unlimited resources can string two unlikely characters together. Both Spears and Romney have installed state-of-the art, $55,000 Phantom Park car elevators in their palatial homes, Us Weekly reports.

What is a Phantom Park car elevator, you may ask? Well, when you have too many fancy cars, you of course need a car elevator to display them all in the same place.

Phantom Park creator Brad Davies told the magazine that the car elevator is “the ultimate in luxury.”

Romney installed the car elevator in his $12 million La Jolla, Calif., home, which he plans to continue renovating after the November election. Actor Harrison Ford also has one of the elevators, ABC reported last month.

The elevator will be used to raise and lower cars from Romney’s 3,600 square feet underground garage. According to the American Custom Lifts website, the elevator is a “dream for auto aficionados who like to maintain a hands-on relationship with their machines.”

*Apparently, Romney never did that. That was all Britney.

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