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Note to Obama campaign: Maybe accusing your opponent of causing cancer isn’t such a good idea

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You know what isn’t fair? This isn’t fair.

Awwwww. You mean you floated the idea that your opponent literally causes cancer, the accusation blew up in your face, and now people are still hassling you about it? Even though it “barely ran” because, um, it blew up in your face? You poor thing!

Oh wait, I forgot. The Obama campaign has nothing to do with the Priorities USA super PAC. Because that would be… illegal. And they have the utmost respect for… the law.

[pause for laughter]

But ol’ Axey isn’t done whining:

Was that before or after he gave somebody cancer, genius? Take your time, think it through.

Meanwhile, the guy who David Axelrod definitely isn’t colluding with is still defending that ad, as Jeff Poor reports:

The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA was widely criticized after it released an ad tying Mitt Romney to the death of a cancer victim. However, Priorities USA leader Bill Burton isn’t backing down.

On MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Monday Burton denied there was anything factually incorrect in the ad.

“There’s not one fact in that ad that is wrong,” Burton said. “And I would challenge you to find one. All the facts in that ad are absolutely accurate. When that company went bankrupt, Mitt Romney was the chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder of Bain. And yeah, I think most Americans would agree that you own the responsibility that your company is making when you’re CEO.”

And that’s why Romney causes cancer, yes, we get it.

You want to talk about chutzpah, Axelrod? How about accusing somebody of causing cancer, and then claiming victimhood when you’re criticized for it? That’s chutzpah. That’s chutzpah for miles.

For the next 12 weeks, Axelrod and his little pals will continue to tell every lie they can think of. And when it doesn’t work out for them, they’re going to cry and cry like itty-bitty babies.

Best. Election. Ever.

P.S. Case in point (hat tip to Gateway Pundit):



P.P.S. Courtesy of TV’s Nick Searcy, here’s where the Obama campaign might have gotten the idea:

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