Mia Love introduces herself to Republicans [VIDEO]

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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When Mia Love took the stage Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, the crowd was already cheering, having just watched a video introducing the congressional candidate for Utah’s 4th District.

Love, the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, is a newcomer to the national political stage, but she is already considered a rising star.

“The first day of college my father came with me to orientation and I remember he looked at me. He looked at me very seriously and he said, ‘Mia, your mother and I have done everything to get you to where you are right now. We have never taken a hand out, we have worked hard for everything we have through personal responsibility. You will not be a burden to society. You will give back,'” Love says at the start of the video, telling a story that has become her calling card, a testimony to her conservative values and her belief in the American dream.

The video features footage of Love running her campaign, and running in general: she describes herself as a “passionate” runner, and she even teaches a fitness class on treadmills.

“If I could describe freedom in one word,” Love says, “it would be agency: the ability to make a decision and reap the benefits of those decisions or suffer the consequences.”

“What makes America great is this idea that we are free, free to work, free to live, free to choose, and free to fail, because our failures make us better,” she says later.

At the start of the video, many in the crowd were likely had no idea who this woman from Utah was. But when Love took the stage two and a half minutes later, the crowd was already cheering her as a star.

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