Prince Harry’s naked pool party just got a little bit illegal

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Prince Harry’s Las Vegas strip-billiards party was apparently more than good, clean, naked fun.

According to one “eyewitness” in the royal’s suite at the Wynn during the Bacchanal festivities, the appearance of a white, powdery substance was detected.

The unnamed source — who was probably the kid in high school who blamed his parents’ missing wine bottles on his friends — told Radar Online: “Things got pretty crazy in Prince Harry’s suite that night. Everyone was drinking and drugs were also being used by some people. Some people were snorting cocaine.”

Cocaine? At a party? In an expensive Las Vegas hotel suite? Unheard of!

Last week, photos of Prince Harry and an unidentified female wrapped in a naked embrace popped up online. The prince’s handlers confirmed that the photos were of Harry, but would not offer any other comment.

According to the Radar tattletale who will probably never be extended a royal invitation again, “Some were already rolling on ‘shrooms when they arrived at the party, and some were just high on weed. And that’s exactly why no one there has come forward on the record … they don’t want to be implicated for any illegal activities.”

Several tabloids have reported that a video of the hotel party is being shopped around to media outlets and that the first nude photos were just the beginning of incriminating evidence of the royal debauchery.

The redheaded royal has a tendency to get into high-profile shenanigans. He was caught smoking marijuana in high school and in 2006 photos surfaced of Harry wearing a Nazi uniform.

If you ask us, Harry seems like the most fun member of England’s royal family.

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