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Another thread snaps in Chris Matthews’ frayed tether to reality

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I haven’t paid much attention to Chris Matthews since last May, when he failed real hard on Jeopardy after spending years using the show as a Sarah Palin joke:

I didn’t think he could ever embarrass himself and his employers more thoroughly than that.

I was wrong.

It’s a measure of Condoleeza Rice’s grace and even temper that she was able to formulate an answer to that question without using the phrase “dipsomaniacal blimphead.” How humiliating that must’ve been for Andrea Mitchell, serving as a ventriloquist’s dummy for a plain old dummy. (Just kidding. If Mitchell had a sense of shame, she would’ve quit long ago.)

But hey, it could’ve been worse. Ol’ Tingles McLegthrill could’ve said it in public. I haven’t seen last night’s ratings yet, but just take a look at Tuesday’s:

Given the choice between MSNBC’s open leftism and CNN’s thinly veiled leftism, America chooses: pretty much anything else.

Speaking of disappearing acts, whatever happened to Darrell Hammond, anyway? His Chris Matthews was more Chris Matthews than Chris Matthews. Although I don’t know if even he could top the real thing these days.

(Hat tip: Hot Air)

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