Sex, drugs and ‘Occupy’: Nighttime in Charlotte

Zach Gorelick Contributor
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are things that go bump in the night in Occupy emcampments, and this week’s anti-capitalist gathering in North Carolina’s largest city is no exception.

Protesters will castigate Democratic National Convention organizers and attendees for not being liberal enough.

Speaking confidentially to The Daily Caller, anarchists associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement confirmed that once the sun sets, the drugs emerge from hiding and the free love begins.

TheDC heard numerous stories of sex- and drug-fueled fun on Sunday. One activist offered two Daily Caller reporters marijuana during an interview. (They politely declined.)

Another group frolicked in a nearby public fountain.

One activist said getting laid “happens more often than not” in the average Occupy campsite, and that “we all have a lot in common; it just sort of happens pretty naturally.”

Another activist told TheDC that the practice of sharing tents also contributes to the sexual vibe. “We are all just really close,” he said. “There’s no one that you don’t know.”

A source inside the Charlotte camp said that children have been born to couples who did the deed in their Occupy tents.

“Mike,” as he is known around the camp — just “Mike” — told TheDC that “we had two babies born that I know of. One was born prematurely because the mother underwent a lot of stress during the Zuccotti Park raid [in New York City].”

“It’s sort of frowned upon,” he said, “but we’re autonomous: I can’t really judge them.”

Photos by Zach Gorelick

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