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Jennifer Granholm goes crazy, or maybe just stays there

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Former Michigan Governor (and now Michigan pariah) Jennifer Granholm delivered a speech last night at the DNC that’s being described as “spirited.” The reason for this euphemism is that she is not a Republican. Here’s part of her manic, very nearly unhinged outburst:

I know what you’re wondering, and I’m not sure either. She may very well be a hologram.

And people say Clint was acting weird?

Note to Governor Granholm: Yes, people do design and build and sell cars. People also design and build and sell elevators. This is because elevators do not occur in nature.

And when there is a demand for elevators, then the design, manufacture, and sale of them creates… Wait, what are those things called? Oh yeah. Three-letter word:

And those people will need some method of transportation to get to those jobs. Guess we’ll need to create even more jobs building cars for them! Are you starting to see how this works, Governor? Only kidding, of course you don’t. Just look at your record.

Not everybody can afford an elevator for their cars. That sucks. It also sucks that not everybody can afford a car in the first place. But tearing down the people who can afford them isn’t going to help create jobs.

Well. Not unless you’re a Democrat, obviously. Then you can scapegoat the people who earn things, to get the votes of the people who envy them. That creates a job: yours. At the expense of the taxpayers you hate and disdain.


By the way, Governor Granholm, people also create jobs by manufacturing and selling… Well, I can only guess. Whatever you do backstage to psych yourself up is your business.

The last time I saw somebody go this nuts in public, he was telling us how much he loved Katie Holmes. And he was more convincing.

P.S. Ahhh, I thought it looked familiar… (h/t Power Line)

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