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NRA Chief lobbyist on Obama’s 1998 gun control comments: It ‘isn’t surprising’

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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In the wake of a secret 1998 recording of then Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama pushing for, among other things, gun control, National Rifle Association chief lobbyist Chris W. Cox told The Daily Caller that President Obama opposes the Second Amendment, and will try to do whatever he can to limit firearm ownership in America.

“Sadly, this isn’t surprising,” Cox wrote in an email. “Barack Obama is and always has been anti-gun, anti-hunting and anti-self-defense. Anyone who has the audacity to claim that as president, Barack Obama has been pro-gun is intentionally ignoring the 800 lb gorillas in the room – two lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court who will vote against the Second Amendment for generations, participation in the United Nations gun control treaty, and complicity in the deadly Fast and Furious scandal that will kill countless innocent Americans and Mexicans for decades. Freedom can’t afford four more years of this hostile administration.”

Last week, video of Obama surfaced saying he supports “redistribution” of wealth. Critics said the comment was ripped out of context, but TheDC obtained the full audio of Obama’s remarks at which he made the controversial comments during a Fannie Mae forum in 1998. The full audio shows that “redistribution” comment was in context and was far more blatant than originally reported: it proves Obama thought of welfare recipients as his “majority coalition” voting bloc.

In addition to those comments, Obama also openly pushed for gun control.

“The vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control,” the future president said, noting that “it does not pass. Why does it not pass? It doesn’t pass because there is this huge disconnect between what people think and what legislators think and are willing to act upon.”

During that time, polls showed some support for gun control.

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