You can always trust Tina Brown!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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“Tina Brown: Barry Diller Did Not Say Newsweek Will End Print Publication”–headline from HuffPo on July 25th. Here’s the lede:

IAC chairman Barry Diller spurred rumors about whether Newsweek will end its print publication when he referenced a print-to-online transition on Wednesday. Editor-in-chief Tina Brown later sought to assure staffers that that was not what he had said.

Actually, what Brown wrote was

Barry Diller would like to make it clear that he did not say on the earnings call as reported that Newsweek is going digital in September.

We now know that Brown was correct. Newsweek didn’t go digital in September. It is going digital in January.

P.S.: In other words, the Titina is back where it was–a website–before all the fuss about the purchase of Newsweek‘s print magazine. That effort has failed.

P.P.S.: You think Barry Diller can afford to pay Howie Kurtz’s salary and Andrew Sullivan’s salary and Megan McArdle’s salary and Peter Boyer’s salary on the revenues from a website? I don’t.  The market is about to be flooded with high-priced talent jumping ship, or being pushed.  …

Mickey Kaus