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Stimulus-funded $300 million Chevy Volt battery factory has never shipped a battery

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“Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” That’s what the Democrats keep telling us. Sure, their jingoism came back to bite them in Benghazi, but at least the GM part is still true.

Oh, wait.

WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids:

Workers at LG Chem, a $300 million lithium-ion battery plant heavily funded by taxpayers, tell Target 8 that they have so little work to do that they spend hours playing cards and board games, reading magazines or watching movies…

“There would be up to 40 of us that would just sit in there during the day,” said former LG Chem employee Nicole Merryman, who said she quit in May.

“We were given assignments to go outside and clean; if we weren’t cleaning outside, we were cleaning inside. If there was nothing for us to do, we would study in the cafeteria, or we would sit and play cards, sit and read magazines,” said Merryman. “It’s really sad that all these people are sitting there and doing nothing, and it’s basically on taxpayer money…”

The company’s goal: 300 employees pumping out 15 million battery cells a year. Its biggest customer: The Chevrolet Volt.

The U.S. Department of Energy provided a $151 million grant, part of Obama’s Recovery Act.

Volt no jolt: LG Chem employees idle

“You won’t believe what’s actually going on.” That is, unless you’ve been paying attention.

Hey, it’s only $151 million of your money, you guys. It’s not optimal, but it’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to “green jobs.”

Four more years!

P.S. As Rick Moran notes, Obama spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony for this plant in 2010. He said:

“This is a symbol of where Michigan is going, this is a symbol of where Holland is going, and this is a symbol of where America’s going.”

Now we know what he meant.

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