Fans boo, walk out during Madonna concert after pro-Obama remarks

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Some fans booed and walked out of Madonna’s concert Saturday night in New Orleans after she made pro-Obama remarks onstage, the Associated Press reports.

“Who’s registered to vote? I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote for Obama,” she said.

When concert-goers started to boo, Madonna said, “Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for … Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote.”

The Mitt Romney campaign shouldn’t be too concerned about any influence Madonna may have had on the people who didn’t walk out of the concert: Louisiana is a solidly Republican state and will almost certainly go to the GOP candidate on Nov. 6.

The middle-aged “Material Girl,” 54, is attempting to stay relevant by prancing around onstage in skimpy outfits and pulling headline-grabbing stunts during her worldwide MDNA tour.

Madonna has sparked international outrage for a multitude of reasons ever since her concert tour started in July.

Madonna angered the conservative French National Front party, for example, after an image of party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead appeared on a screen behind the singer. Madonna defended the image, even after she was booed and called a “slut” at a subsequent concert in Paris.

And Denver audiences were shocked when a Madonna concert featured a masked man with a gun, shortly after the deadly Aurora theater shooting.

During a concert in Washington, D.C. in September, Madonna declared, “[W]e have a black Muslim in the White House,” while showing off a fake “Obama” tattoo on her lower back.

“Now that is some shit, that is some amazing shit, that means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, okay, so support the man, goddamnit,” she opined.

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