Krauthammer: ‘Obama would have been a good general in Napoleon’s army’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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If Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney wanted to capitalize on President Barack Obama’s handling of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, he missed his window of opportunity, according to Charles Krauthammer.

On Friday’s “Special Report,” the Washington Post columnist dismissed speculation from his co-panelist, Bill Kristol, that Romney still has time to make Libya a bigger issue in the presidential campaign.

“It’s late,” Krauthammer said. “Had he done it in the third debate, it would have been a tiebreaker. Had he done it in last week with revelations that have come out on Fox especially, that would have been important. But to do it on Saturday before Election Day. … It’ll be perpetrated as an act of desperation as a guy whose momentum was stopped and is now in retreat.” (RELATED OPINION: U.S. sources in Libya say CIA’s requests for aid in Libya were turned down three times)

Krauthammer added the Hurricane Sandy, which lashed the Eastern Seaboard this week, has been an unexpected boon to the president’s campaign.

“I think Obama is one of the luckiest politicians on Earth. Sandy, the storm, I think, helped him a lot. It came out of nowhere. Napoleon — it is said the one quality he wanted and demanded in generals more than any other was luck. Obama would have been a good general in Napoleon’s army.”

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