Wisconsin conservative radio host: Local and federal taxpayer-funded vehicles were used to transport Dem voters to polls

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna tweeted Tuesday that government vehicles are being used to transport Democratic voters to the polls in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Both local and federal taxpayer resources were used to carryout the mobilization efforts of Barack Obama to get Democratic voters to the polls, said McKenna.

“MILWAUKEE CITY DPW van doing GOTV [get out the vote] at polls today,” McKenna– a conservative media fixture in Milwaukee and Madison– tweeted earlier today.

“DOWNTOWN milwaukee pollwatcher reports CITY PUBLIC WORKS vehicles dropping off voters at the polls,” McKenna tweeted afterwards.

McKenna also tweeted that federal government resources are being used to get Democrats to Wisconsin polls.

“HUNDREDS of young voters (supposedly from Job Corps) pulled up in GOVERNMENT vans to vote in milwaukee [sic] ward (with 700 normal registrants),” she tweeted.

She added that this may be a sign Obama supporters engaged in activity that could be construed as “STEALING ELECTIONS” as  “GOVERNMENT vans dropping off young voters by the HUNDREDS at low-registered wards in MIL.”

Shortly after McKenna’s tweets, conservative Wisconsin media organization Media Trackers confirmed the allegations of federal taxpayer resources being used for voter transportation. “Media Trackers has found federal Job Corps vans being used to bus voters to at least one polling location in the City of Milwaukee,” Brian Sikma wrote for Media Trackers. “A van with federal plates and driven by a Job Corps employee was seen pulling up to the small polling station at the Clara Barton Elementary School in urban Milwaukee shortly after 1:00 pm on Tuesday. A Job Corps administrator inside the polling place said the federal vans had brought approximately 125 Job Corps participants to the poll as of early afternoon.”

Sikma added that the administrator “declined to give his name” but the Job Corps “is a division of the United States Department of Labor, a cabinet level agency that reports directly to President Obama, who is up for re-election today and who has campaigned hard in Wisconsin in recent days.”

Spokespersons for Obama’s campaign have not responded to The Daily Caller’s request for comment about the use of federal taxpayer resources for the president’s mobilization efforts in Wisconsin.

A spokeswoman for the Milwaukee Department of Public Works was unavailable for comment on Tuesday because, according to her voice mail message, she’s volunteering for the local board of elections.

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