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Is Holder about to let go? Hillary too?

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This just in from CBS DC:

Attorney General Eric Holder might not be sticking around for a second term.

Holder told law school students at the University of Baltimore School of Law that he does not know if he will stay in his job.

“That’s something that I’m in the process now of trying to determine,” Holder said. “I have to think about, can I contribute in a second term?”

Holder says he needs to sit down with his family and President Obama to see if he wants to continue on the job.

“[I have to] really ask myself the question about, do I think there are things that I still want to do? Do I have gas left in the tank? It’s been an interesting and tough four years, so I really just don’t know,” Holder told students.

Poor guy. What a tough time he’s had. Hey, you know who doesn’t have any gas left in the tank? Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

And then, of course:

Holder has been under fire from congressional Republicans for what he knew about the botched “Fast and Furious” operation where the U.S. allowed guns to be sold illegally in hopes to track Mexican drug cartels. Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents regarding the operation. President Obama has invoked executive privilege.

When a Republican screws up, that’s the story. When a Democrat screws up, the story is that he’s “under fire by Republicans.” They never stop to ask why the Democrats don’t care.

Holder played his role. He held on, he lied and deflected and stonewalled, and Obama got a second term. So now Holder can afford to take a well-deserved rest.

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, whatever. Doesn’t matter now, right?

Does it?

P.S. Hillary too? Coincidences are coincidental.

P.P.S. Speaking of stuff that stopped mattering on Nov. 7, 2012: FEMA office on Staten Island closes “due to weather.” Hey, who cares about the ice, now that Obama has skated?

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