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Chaffetz: ‘We are pathetic in how we do our communications’ [VIDEO]

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In an interview for an upcoming episode of Ginni Thomas’s “Leaders” series, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah described the GOP handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations as “pathetic” and had strong words for both Speaker of the House John Boehner and the freshman class of 2010 congressmen.

“I hate to do grades, but I have been very vocal from the fact that we are pathetic in how we do our communications,” Chaffetz told The Daily Caller.

“I think he is a good and decent man, I think he’s trying to do the best that he can,” Chaffetz said of the speaker. “He’s been very nice and good to me, but I’m very clear with the speaker: If I like something, I’ll tell him; and if I don’t like it, I’ll tell him ‘I’m sorry Mr. Speaker — I don’t like it.'”

Chaffetz, a two-term congressman, was also vocal about the conservative nature of the 2010 freshman class. After being heavily supported by the tea party, the 2010 class was expected to hold the line against President Barack Obama’s push to raise government spending. But the failure to translate the momentum of the 2010 sweep of the House into presidential electoral success, and the GOP’s faltering defense of the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans has lead to cracks appearing in their ranks.

“I wish the Republican conference was more conservative than it is. I don’t think that the freshman class that came in is nearly as conservative as most people want them to be.”

“My job is to represent Utah to Washington not Washington to Utah. I have a clear conscience I’ll do what I think is right and in the best interest of Utah and the people I represent and the United States of America, not Speaker Boehner.”

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