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More video of the union thug who punched Steven Crowder

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Steven Crowder has just released more video of the protest in Lansing, MI last week where a bunch of union guys tore down a huge tent on top of people, and one guy punched Crowder in the face. So far we know that the attacker’s first name is Tony and his last name starts with a C. That is, if he owns the jacket he was wearing with that name on it.

WARNING: Lots and lots of foul language from these brave union heroes

I like the other genius who was yelling at Crowder: “You do have the right to be here, 100%. Now get the f*** out of our state.” That’s some union logic right there.

Some of our good friends on the left claim that Crowder pushed Tony C., but it doesn’t look that way to me. At the 5:50 mark, you can see that Crowder has already turned around, and he has his hands up as Tony falls past him. Then Tony gets up and starts punching the guy who he’d already been yelling at all day. Looks to me like he was itching for any excuse to take a swing at the guy he saw on the teevee and didn’t like.

But who cares. It’s not like a Tea Partier held up a misspelled sign or something.

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