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Rielle and John are gettin’ it on

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The National Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards’ mid-campaign affair with Rielle Hunter, behind his cancer-stricken wife’s back, and the resulting love child that Edwards tried to keep secret by shuttling Hunter to various rented mansions around the country. And the Enquirer stayed on the story while the “real” media looked the other way and did everything possible to suppress it. Everything they’ve reported about the story has turned out to be true.

Here’s their latest update:

DON’T come a-knocking when JOHN EDWARDS’ love shack is rocking!

That’s the general con­sensus ever since the disgraced presidential candidate started spending nights with his baby mama Rielle Hunter at her new home.

“Rielle’s place is only a hop, skip and a jump from John’s home, and it’s pretty much turned into his booze and sex romp hideaway,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

“When they get a little tipsy, they get so frisky that their lovemaking becomes embar­rassingly loud. One day, an el­derly neighbor walked right up to Rielle, and snickered, ‘Try to keep it down next time.’ John was mortified when Rielle told him the story, but she clearly got a kick out of it.”

Just imagine how Edwards’ former supporters must feel these days. Isn’t it wonderful?

I still think Edwards can make a political comeback, though. Any country that’s dumb enough to elect Obama twice is capable of falling for anything. And Edwards wouldn’t have to worry about the media attacking him for being rich, because of course he’s a Democrat. Besides, he’s one-upped Bill Clinton. If Democrats love Clinton despite because of a hummer from an intern, just think how hard they’re gonna forgive Edwards.

Imagine it: First Lady Rielle Hunter. At this point, why not?