Allen West ‘focused on something far greater’ than running again for Congress in 2014

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Allen West says he’s not interesting in coming back to Congress in 2014.

The one-term Republican congressman, who lost his bid for re-election in a nail-biter in November to now-Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, told The Palm Beach Post that he is “focused on something far greater.”

“My commitment is to the future of the next generation of Americans,” he told The Post.

“The conversation should not be about me, but what is the legacy we shall leave to our children and grandchildren? Greater debt, a less secure Country and world, diminished opportunity? Shall we be the first generation to fail to ensure the American dream for future generations? So if all you want to know is if I am running for [The 18th] Congressional District, the answer is no. My sights and objectives, political and otherwise, are focused on something far greater.”

West announced Tuesday night on Fox News that he would soon start hosting a new online news show focused on issues he believes threaten the future of the next generation of Americans.

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