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Meet Daniel J. Freeman, the Justice Dept. lawyer who booed Paul Ryan at the Inauguration

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Back in the old days, when you did something stupid, it probably never went beyond your friends who thought your stupid actions were somehow awesome. Then came Facebook.

Courtesy of Ben Howe, here’s a Monday Facebook update from one Dan Freeman, who wanted to make sure he got credit for something he did:

“Just started the crowd booing when Paul Ryan came out.” With the location “United States Capitol.” Seems pretty clear he didn’t mean some other Paul Ryan, at some other place that day.

And who is Dan Freeman? That’s where it gets really fun! Elaina Johnson at NRO writes:

According to his bio, a version of which can be found here, Freeman works in the Voting Section of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, one not particularly distinguished for its staunch opposition to intimidation tactics.

And Hans A. von Spakovsky follows up at NRO:

As I pointed out in my series of articles on hires at the Justice Department in 2011, co-authored with Christian Adams, Freeman is one of the very liberal lawyers hired by the Obama administration for a career civil-service position (not a political job).

Freeman was brought into the Voting Section “following a fellowship at the New York Civil Liberties Union. He previously interned at the ACLU, where he assisted the organization with its efforts to attack the Bush administration’s national security policies. He also helped to challenge the ‘state secrets privilege’ and to support the rights of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay during an internship at Human Rights First. On his résumé, Freeman proudly notes his membership in the liberal American Constitution Society, as well as his service as co-chair of the Yale Law School Democrats.”

Career civil-service jobs are supposed to be filled on a non-partisan basis, a rule ignored by this administration as the analysis of the résumés (include Freeman’s) of more than 100 highly partisan hires in the Civil Rights Division reveals.

Over at PJ Media, the aforementioned J. Christian Adams has more:

Mr. Freeman was hired as part of an unprecedented ideological hiring blitz inside the Department of Justice Voting Section soon after the 2009 inauguration. Freeman had all the right credentials for a job as a career civil servant inside Eric Holder’s Justice Department – membership in the Yale Law Democrats and experience with the ACLU attacking Bush administration national security policy. For good measure, he sought out representation of al-Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo.

You’ll note that he didn’t have any experience in federal election law. No matter. Experience in the activist trenches as a radical leftist is the top qualification at Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division. You can read the biographies of the hundreds of radical leftists hired from 2009-2010 in the Civil Rights Division here.

So as it turns out, heckling a Republican at President Barack Obama‘s coronation is probably the least offensive thing Dan Freeman has ever done to America.

For some reason, Freeman has deleted his Twitter account over the last couple of days. There’s still a Google cache, though:

“Civil Rights Lawyer. Wandering Jew. Failed aspirant to hipsterdom.” Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of hipsters who are very pleased with Dan this week. Let’s take a closer look at this American hero:

That’s the smirk of a man who just earned himself a raise from Eric Holder. Well done, Dan Freeman. Truly, you are the embodiment of the left.

(Hat tip: Nice Deb)