Herman Cain agrees to debate ‘not even a citizen’ Piers Morgan, but insists on a moderator

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Tuesday, CNN’s Piers Morgan and former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain got into a back-and-forth on Twitter over gun control. Morgan was not particularly impressed with Cain’s reaction to an appearance Morgan made with Ted Nugent regarding guns, and called on Cain to appear on his show.

It further deteriorated when Morgan called Cain “Mr. Keyboard Warrior” and dared him to appear on his CNN show.

Despite Cain dismissing Morgan’s program for its low ratings on his Wednesday radio show on WSB in Atlanta, Cain said he would welcome the debate — as long as there was a moderator.

“First of all, I would welcome a debate with Piers Morgan — on his show, on my radio show — if he were to allow a moderator to moderate the debate between the two of us,” Cain said. “You see, he calls a debate when he gets to talk over people. He gets an opportunity to frustrate whoever it is he has on the show. And so I’m going to issue a little counter to him. I’m not scared, but it’s going to have to be with a set of rules where we both go by the same set of rules. I’ll bring him on this show and debate him. I’ll debate him in studio, but we’re going to have a moderator.”

Cain continued by explaining why a moderator was important — so that Morgan could not interrupt him. But Cain went on to say he was not afraid, pointing to his debates in the 2012 presidential primary.

“So if we were will to have an independent, mutually agreed upon moderator, I would take him on in a heartbeat,” Cain said. “Look, I have debated presidential candidates for God’s sake. And I’m going to be afraid of him? He has a green card. He’s not even a citizen of the United Stated of America … and Ted Nugent summed it up — Piers, leave us the [hell] alone.”

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