In Obama’s America, even Lindsay Lohan has to move back in with her mom

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In Obama’s America, even cash-strapped celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have to move back in with their parents. Or maybe it’s because of all of the substance abuse or legal drama or failure to pay her taxes or the fact that she is a nightmare to work with.

Either way, the embattled actress has abandoned her $8,000 per month house in Beverly Hills and moved back into her childhood room at her mother’s home on Long Island, N.Y., according to the New York Daily News.

Back in November, $100,000 of Lohan’s quarter-of-a-million dollar IRS debt was paid for by fellow train wreck Charlie Sheen, and in December the taxman seized all of her bank accounts.

The actress has had trouble keeping steady jobs due to being impossible to work with and incredibly expensive to insure on set, because of the 20 TIMES she has been to court over the past six years.

Because she can’t get good jobs, she has since resorted to doing things like posing naked in Playboy and doing terrible Lifetime and straight-to-Netflix movies. Lohan now makes money off of doing personal appearances, like getting paid $100,000 to appear as an “escort” for the prince of Brunei’s New Year’s Eve party, according to the Daily News. (She swears she doesn’t do sex stuff, though — wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

It just goes to show you that in this economy, you take what you get. Even if that means showing up arm-in-arm at a party with a Saudi Arabian oil investor, which is not sketchy at all.

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