Rubio’s PAC selling water bottles after State of the Union ‘sip slip’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Marco Rubio’s political action committee is trying to capitalize on all the attention about his “sip slip” on Tuesday night by selling official Rubio water bottles to supporters.

“Send the liberal detractors a message that not only does Marco Rubio inspire you. … He hydrates you too,” Terry Sullivan of the Reclaim America PAC said in a Wednesday evening fundraising solicitation to supporters. 

Much has been made about the Florida senator’s Republican response to the State of the Union on Tuesday night. At one point during his remarks, the thirsty lawmaker lunged to the ground to take a quick sip from a water bottle.

“If you’ve watched the media coverage since, you might think that Marco spent the entire time gulping gallons of water,” Sullivan wrote. (RELATED: CNN suggests Rubio’s water swig may end his career)

“The liberals and the pundits flocking to Twitter and blanketing MSNBC can’t stop talking about what it means that Marco stopped and took a drink of water in the middle of his speech.

Added Sullivan: “Why would they be so focused on a man reaching for water instead of on what he said?  Because they know they can’t effectively tear down his message.” (RELATED: Dick Cheney says embarrassing water incidents happen to him, too)

The bottles are going for $25 a pop. “Stay hydrated my friends,” Sullivan said.

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