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Michelle Malkin: Immigration ‘not an issue of racism’ [VIDEO]

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Fox News personality Michelle Malkin said that immigration “is all about assimilation” and pushing back on charges of racism against those who favor a conservative immigration policy.

“It is not an issue of racism. It’s not merely being anti-Mexican or anti-brown. Look, my skin is browner than Barack Obama’s,” Malkin said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “It is not a skin color issue. It is a constitutional issue. It is a national security issue.”

“It begins and ends in making sure that we have new generations of Americans in this country who know and appreciate what it is to be an American,” she said.

Malkin also said that the nation has forgotten how immigration is tied to national security.

“We have receded, we have regressed, and once again, Washington is contemplating another mass illegal alien amnesty when there are still so many systemic problems with our immigration system that have not been fixed,” she said.

Look for the full interview with Malkin Monday.

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