Could there be a ‘sober pill’ on the horizon?

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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There are some really inopportune moments in life when you happen to be really drunk, but really don’t need to be.

Maybe you’re having a casual boozy Sunday brunch when your mom calls and asks if you can join her at church. Or perhaps you’ve been pounding frozen margaritas when you spot your boss across the restaurant and see him coming your way. Either way, at some point in our lives we have all needed to sober up quickly.

Well, we may soon be able to thanks to scientists that got some mice all boozed up and did some tests on them.

Researchers at the University of California – Los Angeles developed a “nanocapsule” injection that sobered up drunk mice in a hurry.

According to the MIT Technology Review, the nanocapsule essentially flushed the mice’s systems with a bunch of different enzymes that metabolized the animals’ blood alcohol level very quickly.

“The review indicates that the process can be analogized as administering thousands of liver cells into the blood stream,” Digital Journal explained,

Although the nanocapsule has yet to be tested on humans and probably won’t be for several years, there is hope yet that there is something besides a freezing cold shower to snap you out of your drunken stupor.

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