Talkin’ Menendez: The Gift Angle

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Speculation: Friends with $249  Various outlets confirm that the FBI is “looking into allegations that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) patronized prostitutes” in the Dominican Republic. Amy Holmes of  BlazeTV  [$] suggests that if Menendez stayed within the bounds of legality in his visits to the Dominican Republic–where prostitution is not illegal–he could still have run afoul of Senate Ethics Rules, which seem to require that any gift of over $250 from a friend [e.g., the generous Dr. Melgen] be approved in writing by the Ethics Committee.  So even overage prostitutes might get Menendez in trouble, if someone else paid the bill. Of course, Menendez could always get himself off that hook … by showing he paid any tab himself.

P.S.: Menendez has vigorously denied the whole prostitute charge–meaning he’d be in at least political trouble of some sort should investigation by the FBI or the press reveal that the charge is true. …

P.P.S.:  What would exceed the $250 limit? The Miami Herald reports that sex tourists in a DR seaside resort can get “two hours in a private room with the girl of their choice” for $50–and that includes drinks and food. But “women like those who allegedly visited Menendez … rely more on the Internet and intermediaries who put them in touch with rich visitors.”  These “mega-mamis” can “charge upward of $500.” …

Mickey Kaus