Local politicians campaign with viral ‘Harlem Shake’ meme [VIDEO]

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An Alabama mayoral candidate is trying to stand out from his incumbent opponent via sweet, creative dance moves, apparently.

In an online campaign video released Wednesday Mobile, Ala. mayoral candidate Sandy Stimpson and supporters offer voters a taste of his creative flare with their version of “Harlem Shake,” featuring Stimpson as the introductory dancer.

“Pepsi has done it, the Today Show has done it and now we’re doing the Harlem Shake!” The Stimpson writes on the video’s YouTube page. “We love creative people and I am on a mission to find and recognize the most creative group of people in Mobile.”


Earlier this month another mayoral candidate, this time in Los Angeles, Emanuel Alberto Pleitez showed off his “Harlem Shake” moves in a call for more campaign volunteers.


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