Office Gchat with Will and Taylor: Is diet grape soda worth the walk?

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In an effort to provide our readers a behind the curtain look at the fast-paced world of web journalism, The Daily Caller proudly presents an exclusive look at some of its editors’ electronic conversations. The following transcript has not been edited for clarity. 

Will: so i go to good burger or whatever this morning
five guys
to use that soda fountain that lets you mix flavors
Taylor: SEE
best thing ever
Will: and i was going to do the diet coke
but then im like they have diet fanta
and that sounds delicious
because i love fruit sodas
so i get a diet grape soda
end of story
Taylor: i could have saved you a lot of effort by if you had sent me a text message that said “hey, do you think a diet grape soda would taste good?” and I would have said “no.” end of story
Will: i spent iek three bucks on it
Taylor: i also could have saved you 3 bucks
Will: and im just trying to convince myself like it doesnt taste like medicine
and then i just threw it out
but did they let anyone try this soda before they put it on the market?
Taylor: yes
certain types of people
Will: q: what did you like about this soda, tester?
a: well, i FUCKING LOVE the taste of children’s medicine, and would like someone to carbonate that taste and then put in ingredients tht will kill me slowly over time instead of right then and there after i drink a gallon of it
Taylor: you are a smart guy. how did you NOT think it would taste like this before you pressed the button? you have only yourself to blame. stick to the diet coke variations
now i really want one
Will: i think we should file this conversation
“office chat with will and taylor”
see if they run it
btw your story on the “best bar mitzvah video” was way off
this is the best bar mitzvah video:


Taylor: which one? the one about the sodas?
Will: yes
Taylor: ok
Taylor: “Diet Grape Fanta and bad ideas: A discussion”
Will: “A peak into the fast-paced world of web journalism”
Taylor: yes, a peak
Will: am i spelling that correctly
Taylor: wait
you’re wrong
Will: fuck you
and scene
Taylor: just saying
Taylor: should we actually file that and see if we get away with it? and do you want to do oscar predictions? i’m going to do it even though our readers don’t care
Will: yes i’m putting it together now
and my oscar prediction is a sweep for battleship
best actress rhianna
best director guy who directed battleship
Taylor: i’ll be sure to include that

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