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Juan Williams: Black voices dismissed as ‘not really black’ [VIDEO]

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In an interview with The Daily Caller, political analyst and Fox News contributor Juan Williams said that black voices in America speaking in opposition to liberals are shunned and marginalized.

“Ignore him, he’s not really black because he says says things,” Williams said.

Williams highlighted Bill Cosby and the backlash that Cosby received after questioning civil rights groups, saying, “All of a sudden, he’s to be dismissed … he has personal issues, or somebody said something about him and they try to put him down, stick him in a corner, dismiss him as your crazy uncle. That to me is what is so damaging. People understand that it is illegal to have an honest conversation. That you should not say certain things.”

Catch up on any of the parts of the interview that you may have missed, including Williams’ explosive comments:

Liberal media will ‘shut you down, stab you, kill you, fire you’ if you disagree and Cronkite would be ‘abject failure as a journalist’ in current media environment.

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